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  • DC - RELATION and Linking related objects
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The DC:RELATION field can typically be used for describing relations to other expressions, or versions of the document.
For example the Published version of an article and the author version of an article. These can be referred to each other by using the "most appropriate" identifier that is actionable (URL). For example

This record with ID 1111, is a paper that has been submitted for peer reviewing. This paper has a relation with the peer reviewed article with ID 2222.

<oai_dc:dc > 

The metadata record below shows the record of the article with ID 2222. This article has a relation with the submitted paper.

<oai_dc:dc > \\
<de:identifier>[]</dc:identifier> \\
<dc:type>info:eu-repo/semantics/article</dc:type> \\
<dc:type>info:eu-repo/semantics/publishedVersion</dc:type> \\
<dc:relation>[]</dc:relation> \\

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