Digital Repository Infrastructure Vision for European Research

DRIVER Guidelines 2.0

Guidelines for content providers - Exposing textual resources with OAI-PMH


[November 2008]

Guidelines for Repository Managers and Administrators on how to expose digital
scientific resources using OAI-PMH and Dublin Core Metadata,
creating interoperability by homogenising the repository output.


For communication in general it is important that person B is able to understand what person A is saying. For this common understanding one needs a common ground, a basic lexicon with an awareness of the meaning of things. From this point on one can start reasoning. In order to support scholarly communication with the use of repositories, repositories should speak the same language and it is therefore essential to create a common ground.

In technical terms we create a common ground by conducting "interoperability". Interoperability can be managed at different layers. In the DRIVER Guidelines we basically try to reach interoperability on two layers, syntactical (Use of OAI-PMH & Use of OAI_DC) and semantic (Use of Vocabularies).

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