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The specific content of the 'driver' set is determined at the local repository. A DRIVER repository using this kind of sets must conform to the following rules when inserting a record into the DRIVER set:

  • The DRIVER set contains records that must contain open access digital textual resources
    • Must contain Full text objects, not metadata-only.
    • Content is Open Accessible
    • Content is Not Firewalled
    • Content is accessible also Outside the University Campus
    • Content is not behind toll-gated websites

The picture below shows that is is possible to place one record in different sets. The records below, represented by a blue dot, exist also in the 'driver' set. Two records exist in all three sets. The biochemistry set, the neurophysics set and the driver set. The first two are sets that indicate a subject, the driver set indicates a type (open access). The header of a record can contain zero or more setSpecs. An OAI record might look like this.

     <oai_dc:dc xmlns:oai_dc="http ....


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