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The description container of the Identify response may be used to deliver additional information on the repository. Service providers may look for this and improve their data processing and the services based on the metadata and their quality.

Best practice: Use this container to describe as many common information about the repository as possible in detail with added examples. This includes used classification schemas(in which format in which element), used vocabularies (type, language), policies and background information.

While the Identify response deals with the repository level, the record level can hold additional information in the about element. To allow the service providers to assign harvested material the provenance sub-element can be used.

Best practice: Use the provenance element in the about tag of the metadata to relate to the original document deliverer.


<provenance xmlns="" 

<originDescription harvestDate="2002-02-02T14:10:02Z" altered="true"> 

   <originDescription harvestDate="2002-01-01T11:10:01Z" altered="false">

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