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Introduction and Goal

This document is an addition to the existing DIDL specification document for repositories which is being used by the Dutch Universities, Koninklijke Bibliotheek, National Library of The Netherlands, and NARCIS. The goal of this document is to make the use of DIDL unambiguously clear by describing:

  1. the nature of the different parts "metadata", "objects" and "jump-off-page"
  2. What the identification is
  3. What the modification-date is

When used correctly, this specification will create a valid XML MPEG-21 DIDL record for use with OAI-PMH responses. This specification of the DIDL document for repositories is based on decisions that were proposed early in the development of this XML format to use MPEG-21 DIDL. The proposition was a rough sketch of a wrapper format that has room for metadata, object and jump-off-page resources. This specification is a more precise workout.

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