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This section is about the versions that describe the status of the document. We have introduced version information to make it possible to describe the Publication type without mixing the terms with version or status information. For example, the term "PeerReviewedArticle" can be split into info:eu repo/semantics/article and info:eu repo/semantics/accepted.

The version vocabulary is derived from, which is a JISC funded project called VERSIONS (Versions of Eprints - a user Requirements Study and Investigation Of the Need for Standards). This project addresses the issues and uncertainties relating to versions of academic papers in digital repositories. VERSIONS aims to help build trust in open access repository content among all stakeholders and has developed a toolkit that can be found at:




Early version circulated as work in progress


The version that has been submitted to a journal for peer review


The author-created version that incorporates referee comments and is the accepted for publication version


The publisher created published version


A version updated since publication

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