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This is the home of the Open Science Call for Action space.


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  1. Anonymous

    I fully agree that it is time for action and if we want to make open science a reality we need to make steps towards implementation.  However, specific actions and continuous references to the need of a new publishing model convey implicit support to the gold vs. the green route to open access as a pre-requisite to foster open science. This is a very restrictive view that should be carefully analyzed. Moreover, in order to recommend new publishing models the document has to be more clear and open on what those publishing models have to offer to researchers, research funders and research performing organizations as well as for knowledge and society rather than to publishers.  


    The structure of the document should be improved to increase focus of impact; some actions are contradictory, conflictive, and overlapping. There is a substantial unbalance between specific actions covered in some sections and the vague definition of actions in other sections. There are also substantial asymmetries in the distribution of actions among different stakeholders.  


    The number of actions proposed (59) is excessive, and (1) all of them cannot be taken simultaneously and many of the actions require sequential planning; (2) there are not costs estimates associated with each of the measures and they should be part of the action plan in particular to assess feasibility; (3) distribution of actions among stakeholders will not ensure coordinated action; (4) coordination between the European OS Platform and other international initiatives (i.e. OECD) is also required.


    Concerning the objectives they are too ambitious and thus unachievable or unrealistic. In particular within the timeframe of reference (2020) if we take seriously the reforms required, in particular those concerning the adoption of new assessment and evaluation practices and metrics at a global scale, and that are at the core of the new model that will change the practice of research.


    Clara E. Garcia, Deputy Director of Planning and Monitoring and NPR on Open Access


  2. Anonymous

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    Daniel Mietchen