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The shared goal of the participating institutions on the Research Data Ownership seminar is to prevent that IPR-barriers and related issues hamper researchers in their research efforts.

The National Data Management Meeting, hosted by NWO in September 2014, indicated the need for an expert base, which we now try to start up.


To help us all achieve these goals we present a lot of information to you during the workshops.

Clearly your needs don’t evaporate after your attending the seminar in Rotterdam, so we are pleased to announce that all the documentation and results of the seminar is shared via the SURF Research Data WIKI:

Here you can find all the content we assembled:


On this WIKI you will find a list of the contact persons for each institution, who will help you to solve your IPR related problems. Since the list is a work in progress, we are open to suggestions!

This WIKI, hosted by SURF, will serve as a public platform for our current needs and solutions. As such it is not a static environment. We invite you to share your experiences as well and to also help us fill the FAQ…

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