There are several ways to upload or download your files to and from Research Drive, namely using the:

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Upload recommendations

Research Drive can handle simultaneous uploads of files up to several gigabytes through the browser.  For larger number of files the OwnCloud client is highly recommended as it will automatically handle large number of files and upload resumption in case of upload problems. 

If you want to upload even larger data sets and when you are familiar with your system's command line interface, it is recommended to use an upload client like curl or rclone. Below an overview of when to use which tool or service given the number of files and the size per file. The maximum file size that can be uploaded to Research Drive depends on the way the data is uploaded on the client side. Using tools such as Rclone with the right settings and a fast network can increase the maximum file size in the order of 10 ~ 30 GBs.
Recommended tools for uploads given number of files and total data set size

Many small files

When your data consists of a large number of small and unchanging files, consider creating an archive using tools such as GNU Tar and upload the archive file instead.

Large datasets

For larger data set uploads a client running on your laptop is highly recommended.

Powerpoint about migration of large datasets (NL)