The Research Drive Dashboard offers an overview and allows management of existing project folders, accounts, and contracts within the Research Drive environment.

The Research Drive Dashboard can be accessed via the Research Drive menu in the top left corner. When the dashboard icon is not visible, contact your Research Drive IT Servicedesk or the SURF Research Drive Helpdesk for question.

Who has access?

All users have within Research Drive have access to the Dashboard, but depending on their role they have different rights within the Dashboard. For different roles and responsibilities in the Dashboard, see Roles and permissions and roles's visibility in the Dashboard.

How does it work?

An organisation purchases a storage quota. The Research Drive Dashboard has one or more Dashboard Admins who have the ability to distribute this quota. These subquota are managed in so-called Contracts. The Dashboard Admin is able to create new contracts. The responsibility for a contract lies with a Contract Admin. The Dashboard Admin can assign the role of Contract Admin.  Typically, the Dashboard Admin is someone from the central IT department who can delegate responsibilities over different storage areas to people from different faculties.

The Contract Admin can create a Project Folder and assign the responsibility over it to a Project Folder Owner. The Project Folder has a certain storage quotum assigned to it.

The Project Folder Owner can allow or revoke access to the Project Folder to individual users or groups of users.

The Member is a regular user who can also access the Research Drive Dashboard to invite other UsersUsers  by default have no storage quotum. They can have an institutional (i.e. SURFconext) account or a local Research Drive-only account. All Research Drive users have the ability to invite other Users.

See the sections listed below for more detail. More information on what the different roles are able to do may be found at the Permissions page.  Depending on permissions of the user within the Research Drive Dashboard, more or less information will be displayed.

The roles of Dashboard Admin, Contract Admin and Project Folder Owner need to be assigned to people who have valid logins to the Research Drive service.

Available functionality

The possibilities of the Research Drive Dashboard:

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