Information needed for efficient support

Please make sure you submit the following information with your support request:

Basic information to submit with your support request

  1. What instance url are you using?
  2. What is your username?
  3. Describe step by step what you do, what is not working, and what error do you receive. Attach screenshots of the error when possible
  4. What is the date and time that the issue happened?
  5. Which browser (incl. version) do you use?
  6. Do you face the same issue if you use another browser?
  7. Do you face the issue in an incognito window?
  8. Does the issue persist after you make the browser cache empty?
  9. Does the problem occurs with one file? or systematically? If it is only with one file, kan you let us know the name of the file?

Benodigde informatie bij het indienen van een ondersteuningsvraag

  1. Welke omgeving (url) gebruik je?
  2. Wat is je gebruikersnaam?
  3. Beschrijf stap voor stap wat je doet, en wat er dan niet werkt of welke foutmelding je krijgt. Voeg screenshots toe waar mogelijk .
  4. Wat is de datum en het tijdstip van het issue?
  5. Welke browser (incl. versie) gebruik je?
  6. Is het probleem ook zichtbaar in andere browsers?
  7. Heb je het problem als je het in een incognito window uitvoert?
  8. Bestaat het probleem ook nadat je de browser cache leegt?
  9. Gebeurt het alleen met een bestand, of systematisch? Als het alleen met een bestand voorkomt, kun je ons dan de naam van de bestand laten weten?


Support for an institutional instance

1. You are a researcher or regular user, consult your data steward at the library, research support or ICT department.

2. You are a data steward or administrator:

This helpdesk is manned during office hours (from 09:00 until 17:00).

Support for the community instance

For support:

This helpdesk is manned during office hours (from 09:00 until 17:00).

OwnCloud Manual

Research Drive is using the ownCloud software. OwnCloud provides extensive online documentation on how to use it. You can find it at: Owncloud User Manual.

Supported browsers

For Research Drive, the Edge, Firefox, Chrome, Safari and Opera browsers are supported.

The Microsoft Internet Explorer browser is not supported by Research Drive.
If you are still using Internet Explorer and want to use Research Drive, you will need to use a different browser.

Getting the client logs

If some problem persists while using Research Drive with your OwnCloud client, you might be asked to send the client log.

  1. Open your OwnCloud client by opening the settings window
  2. Hit F12 on your keyboard. Depending on your OS, the log window will open:


    Next steps:

    • Click 'Save' to store the current logs somewhere on your system

    Next steps:

    • Logging needs to be enabled first: click on 'Enable logging to temporary folder'
    • Close the window and under the three-dots dropdown, click 'Force sync now' to make a synchronisation run
    • Go back to the log window and click 'Open folder' to find the location of the logs
  3. Attach the log files to your issue in the service desk of SURFsara, the administrators will know what to do with them.