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In order to have people from outside NL access your SP via (SRAM and) eduGAIN, a couple of things have to be checked:

  • In you can check whether the IdP is published in eduGAIN. If it is not, 'somebody' has to contact the IdP to see whether they want and are able to connect.
  • Assuming the IdP is published in eduGAIN, we need to check whether they release the correct attributes for the identity/identities that want to connect to your SP via SRAM. 'Someone' has to check with the IdP whether they release:
    • persistent nameid OR eduPersonTargetedId OR eduPersonPrincipalName
    • displayName
    • givenName
    • surName (sn)
    • mail

It depends 'who' is the best to take action. Sometime you as SP can ask the researcher in de EU-partner-IdP to arrange the above at his institution, sometimes that route will fail and additional action from SURFnet can help. Please let us know if you think we need to help, in case we would like to receive information about the project you're doing with the EU-partner-institution and who your local contact is. We can for instance contact the national federation operator to see how we can move along the process. 

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