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In this flow we demonstrate how users with a google ID can be enrolled with a self sign up enrollment flow. The flow diagram below shows the different steps both from the perspective of the principal investigator (PI) and the end-user to be enrolled (the scientist).



User enrollment with non-edu account
1.A CO manager (like a PI) defines a Self Sign Signup Flow if not already configured. This can be found under COmanage > Select CO > Configuration > Enrollment Flows > Self Signup With Approval (Template).

2.After configuring a Self Signup Flow, a "Begin" button appears in the enrollment flows screen.

3.Clicking the Begin button brings you to the beginning of the flow.

By right-clicking the BEGIN button in this screen, you get a URL you can share, for instance via mail or linked to a button in a custom website/portal etc, so people can start a self signup.

4.For this tutorial, we assume the link is sent by email. The user clicks the link.

5.Upon clicking the link, the user gets a Self Signup form. On the right of the form the necessary steps in the flow can be seen.

 User consentWithin COmanage, a CO-manager can decide whether they want to show a user consent screen. If this is configured, you will see the user consent at this moment. You need to open the consent, read it, close the window and check the checkbox.
6.On clicking SUBMIT, the user receives a followup email with a new link (this can be configured in the Signup flow).

7.Upon clicking that link, the user can Accept or Decline the invite. This step ensures the user has control over the email address specified earlier.


After clicking Accept the enroll is triggered and upon completion in just a couple of seconds, a LOGIN button is shown.


 If the invitation flow is configured so that someone needs to approve the sign up, at this moment in the flow, the user needs to wait for an approvement by an administrator before being able to continue. Upon approval, the user receives an email to continue. 
9.Upon clicking LOGIN the user is presented a Where Are You From screen where the need to select their home organisation or non-edu identity provider. Instructions for users which identity provider to choose can be configured in COmanage and provided in the emails the user receives.


A user with an educational account can check whether their institution has connected to this service; if so, they can login using the educational account.

A user without an educational account could choose to sign up with a non-edu identity, for instance using Google as an authentication provider.

11.Upon clicking the identity provider, the user is presented with a 'Proceed to Login' confirmation button.

12.Upon clicking 'Proceed to Login', the login window of the identity provider is shown

13.After successfull authentication with the selected identity provider, the user is signed into COmanage

14.The CO manager (for instance the PI) will see a pending user.

and also under CO Petitions:

15.The CO manager views the pending petition.

16.After clicking Approve, the petition is finalized.

17.The user receives an email about the approved petition and is listed as member of the CO.

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