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On this page we collect info that might be needed if something with IdP's isn't working 'by itself' / isn't self explanatory.


One of the IdP's you can try/use, if you have an account there, is ORCID. But by default, ORCID won't share the email address you have configured in ORCID with our platform. And we need an email address (as it is part of the R&S bundle we rely on).

If you want to use ORCID as IdP with our platform, you need to (one time only (wink)) configure ORCID to release your email address. For this:

  • Log in to ORCID
  • Go to Account Settings
  • Click Edit with "Email and notification preferences"
  • Set at least one email address to 'Everyone'
  • Logging on at our platform with ORCID should work now

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