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Due to possible configuration choices, you might run into problems signing in to SCZ when using ORCID as your IdP, where you run into a message like "Access DeniedHey! R&S Attributes are missing!"

SCZ needs certain info, attributes, about you to work. SCZ uses the REFEDS R&S entity category, which is meant to ease collaboration in research. One of the attributes that is needed, is an email address.

In ORCID, you can specify who can see your email address.

If you run into the "Access DeniedHey! R&S Attributes are missing!" error, please:

  • go to 
  • in the lower left you will find the 'email' section
  • click the pencil (to edit). This opens a window like
  • Make sure at leat one email address is public, like so

This doesn't solve your problem? Can't reach your CO-admin? Than use .

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