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On this page we will announce future releases and maintenance to the pilot environment. We aim to inform you at least a week in advance via the mailing list. The announcement will including release notes on what will change, whether we expect downtime and at what time the maintenance will be executed.

In the current phase of the project, maintenance is carried out during office hours. If at any moment in the project this starts to become a problems please let us know. We welcome feedback and will see whether we can find a suitable solution.

Content on this page


Below we list possible changes to SRAM, in chronological order. We will start working on the list after SRAM has reached production status. This is a frequently updated list of ideas. Actual incorporation and planning depends on operational experiences and resources available to work on roadmap ideas. So if and when something will be available is to be seen. We share this info with you, so customers can provide us feedback, provide input for the roadmap etc.

  • Connect services. Just like a fax, SRAM becomes more valuable with more services connected. We know many services, institutions collaborations would like to use SRAM when it reaches 'production status', and we expect in the beginning connecting services will take a little more effort than it eventually will (since connecting platform X for the first time takes more time than a second time since you can build upon the experience from the 1st time). So a lot of the effort of our team will go into connecting services
  • We plan to hire a UX consultant at the end of Q3 2020 to see how we can improve UX/flows
  • We have planned sprints for work on SRAM, the SBS MMS: a sprint at the end of aug/begin sep 2020, and 3 sprints in nov/dec 2020
  • (ongoing) Improve SRAM based on user feedback etc (stories available on PivotalTracker)
  • Add 2FA as an option (we're for instance looking at GÉANT Incubator project 'Second Factor Authentication - Distributed Vetting') ... we'll also be looking into integrating SURF SecureID
  • Add support for seamless Windows-logins (in collaboration with SURF ResearchCloud)
  • Add a portal/dashboard for service providers, so service providers can configure the connection to our platform in a DIY way (Elixir AAI already has one, also see their doc)
  • Add a service user import-tool: when a service is connected to our platform, they often already have a user database. So if you want to route all authentications via our platform, and want to prevent existing users having to go through a new sign up on our platform, you need to map the existing users to our platform. We need to investigate whether this is possible, based on actual use cases.
  • See what could add to our users (mentioned in this FIM4R blog)
  • Monitor need and possibility to (better) connect our platform to EOSC-hub
  • Depending on requests from users, look into tokens like SciTokens and Macaroons and build upon WLCG-actions from end 2018/begin 2019 . If the NWO BBMRI3-call is awarded (award expected end of 2019/begin 2020), probably token based solutions will be needed, as the plans are to do Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning kind of operations on federated data (so 'agents' will probably need to be granted access to data stored at institutions etc)
  • Developments we're watching:
  • Study Elixir AAI experience, as presented here. For instance add a workflow option to request access to data using tools like “Resource Entitlement Management System (REMS)” (webinar about REMS in Elixir AAI)
  • See whether we find unresolved problems in the FIM4R-report (for instance after page 17 in ), like:
    • "Delegation here means providing end-entities (users) ability to give a constrained portion of their access to another entity acting on their behalf. This might be reasonably accomplished either by impersonation or by proper delegation. This is required in any use case in which a work-flow continues without the presence and direct connection of a user."
    • "AuthZ decisions at an SP must be based on identity credentials, attributes or assertions that have a short lifetime, i.e. they are valid now and not for too long into the future. Even within this short period it should be possible for the SP to look up real time status information, e.g. revocation lists and/or suspension lists."
    • "It must be possible for an Infrastructure or research community to block access to a service based on the presence of an identity credential in an operational suspension list or revocation list."

  • Investigate closer integration with RDM, RDM metadata, RDM catalogues, RDM DRM etc
  • See whether is of added value
  • Look into possibilities to combine SRAM with eLAN/on-the-fly-network virtualisation/light paths ... since researchers want to collaborate, it would be nice that if data has to travel over multiple locations, the network automatically resizes to the needed paths and bandwidth.
  • See whether is of add value (like midPoint could be) WebSub could be used as messaging system.


VersionFinalTo testTo pilotRemarks
v0.12(tick) 2019-07-01(tick) 2019-07-02(tick) 2019-07-25SBS update, LDAP clients overhaul, COmanage bugfixes
v0.11(tick) 2019-05-01(tick) 2019-05-02(tick) 2019-05-03Service provisioning, LDAP improvements, RC-support.
v0.10(tick) 2019-04-03(tick) 2019-04-03(tick) 2019-04-04SBS integration; CO-templating improvements
v0.9(tick) 2019-03-18(tick) 2019-03-2(tick) 2019-03-22COmanage upgrade; attribute handling improvements; CO-templating
v0.8(tick) 2018-11-28(tick) 2018-11-28(tick) 2018-12-07Update to COmanage 3.2dev (including support for CO-templates)
v0.7(tick) 2018-11-23(tick) 2018-11-26(tick) 2018-11-28Provisioner bugfixes, updates WAYF, ldap fixes (pilot-related)
v0.6(tick) 2018-10-01(tick) 2018-10-02(tick) 2018-10-08COmanage bugfixes, support for MS and Orcid, LSC updates


(tick) 2018-06-11(tick) 2018-06-12(tick) 2018-06-28Change LDAP provisioning; introduce LSC component
v0.4(tick) 2018-05-14(tick) 2018-05-14(tick) 2018-05-17
Focus on COmanage improvements.
v0.3(tick) 2018-04-12(tick) 2018-04-12

(tick) 2018-04-25

Focus on connecting to eduGAIN and R&S/CoCo compliance.
v0.2(tick) 2018-03-22(tick) 2018-03-22(tick) 2018-03-26Focus on move to COmanage 3.1 and improvements to LDAP provisioning.
v0.1(tick) 2018-02-15(tick) 2018-03-01(tick) 2018-03-06This is the first 'complete' SCZ/SRAM release.

Changes, known issues per release 

Details of each SCZ/SRAM release can be found on the detail page by clicking on the version number below:

Mailing list

Please subscribe to our mailing list and be the first to receive information about future maintenance and releases.

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