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This update concerns update to SBS, the MMS which is, for many of our pilots, an alternative to COmanage. This update also addresses feedback from pilot partners that are using SBS.


  • SBS: enable configuring the sender (name and email address) of the invitation mails

  • SBS: added the possibility to define an API key for an 'organisation', and use it to create CO's using an API

  • SBS: enable a CO admin to be able to put people whom you invite into Groups at the moment of sending the invite, instead of having to wait until they accept the invitation (and possibly forget to add them). This streamlines onboarding and how fast users can access services
  • SBS: several smaller bug fixes and UI optimizations, for instance 

    • optimizations:
      • enable a CO admin to see when an invite expires
      • as an Organisation admin, see which COs are part of an Organisation
      • show friendly error when user click invitation that isn't valid for some reason (expired, already used...)
      • fix incorrect service profile cleanup
      • enable an CO/Organization Admin to preview the text that is sent to new invitees, so that he can easily adjust it to his/her needs
      • make it so a service owner is able to identify Groups and COs in a globally unique way, so that there can be no confusion between similarly names groups in different COs or similarly named COs in different organizations
      • make it easier for a CO admin to grant member access to services ('select all' instead of selecting every member one-by-one)
      • make 'Member' default value for invite
      • make it configurable how long an invite is valid
    • bug fixes:
      • wrong contact email displayed when joining a CO via a join request
      • fix session timeout issues
      • fix "Join Request notification emails link to collaboration overview instead of to the join request"

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