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  • COmanage:
    • Bugfixes for the Yoda enrollment flows. 
    • Bugfixes for the QRcode tokens.
    • The Terms and Conditions (T&C) for a CO are now stored within COmanage, rather than just a link to the T&C.
  • SAML:
    • Only CO-attributes are released to Service Providers (SP's).
    • Checks incoming logins for the correct attributes. 
    • OIDC clients can be connected.
    • Fixed OIDC attribute handling.
    • Changing IdP-attributes are detected (first steps)
    • Logo's are no longer shown in WAYF.
    • Improve logging.
  • Platform:
    • Plan to make platform CoCo & R&S compliant.

  • Deploy:
    • Separate test and Google clients for test and pilot environment.

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