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SURF Research Access Management, SRAM, is a service with which research collaborations can manage access to Research Services. SRAM provides authentication and authorisation services and ensures that linked Research Services receive data from a User so that accounts can be created or deactivated.

An Institution that wants to support collaborating researchers, creates a 'Collaboration' (CO, a 'team') in SRAM and assigns an initial manager (Collaboration Admin) to the Collaboration. The admin of that Collaboration can determine who will be invited to that team, can create groups within the Collaboration (which can be used for authorization purposes), invites members (researchers) and determines who will have access to which Research Services.

By logging on to SRAM, you become a User and agree to the terms and conditions below.

1 - Concepts and definitions

In these terms and conditions of use, capitalised terms have been written, these terms have the definitions set out below.



Collaboration (CO)

An entity defined in SRAM that falls under an Organisation (which usually concerns a Institution), in principle represents a research collaboration, and may have collaboration admins, members and associated Research Services.


A natural person who has created an account on SRAM.


Organisations that are members of the SURF cooperative or other Dutch organisations associated with research.


SURF Research Access Management.

Research Services

Services intended for researchers that are offered by a service provider via SRAM.

2 - Rules of use SRAM

  1. The login details, which give the User access to SRAM, are strictly personal. The User may not transfer or disclose these login details and the resulting rights to access a Collaboration to a third party or allow them to be used by a third party, and is assumed to take reasonable efforts to keep the login details secure.
  2. The User shall refrain from unauthorised use. This is understood to mean:
    • Using credentials from a third party to log on to a Collaboration;
    • Using SRAM in such a way as to infringe the intellectual property rights of the holder of SRAM or to contravene the law, public order and morality.
    • Using the information and/or data within a Collaboration in such a way that it violates the intellectual property rights of third parties or violates the law, public order and decency.
    • Within or with SRAM (attempting to) gain access to information or Research Services which the User knows or can reasonably know is not intended to gain access to.
  3. If SURF has reason to believe that the User is infringing, or threatens to infringe, rules or obligations as described above, the User will be denied access to (part of) SRAM and the associated Research Services.
  4. SURF also has the right to take other measures necessary to protect SURF, other Users and/or third parties against damage, nuisance or infringements of rights.
  5. SURF is not liable for any damage suffered by the User or a third party as a result of closing the account and denying access pursuant to paragraphs 3 and 4.

3 - Rules for offering SRAM

SURF will ensure that SRAM is available, but may (temporarily) decommission SRAM or restrict its use to the extent necessary for the necessary maintenance or for adjustments and/or improvements to SRAM to be carried out by SURF without prior notice. SURF will not be liable for any damage resulting from the (temporary) unavailability of SRAM.

4 - Personal data and privacy

SURF processes Personal Data of the Users. SURF processes this Personal Data in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation and other relevant legislation and regulations. For more information on the processing of this Personal Data, please refer to the privacy statement on . SURF passes on Personal Data to, among others, (SRAM Collaborations of) organisations (such as Institutions) in order to enable access to a Collaboration. Processing of that information by a Collaboration as well as deciding to what Research Services the Collaboration passess Personal Data of Collaboration members is the responsibility of the Institution that created the Collaboration.

5 - Intellectual property rights

All (intellectual) property rights to SRAM are and remain vested in the entitled party. If and to the extent necessary, a right of use will be granted to User for the use of SRAM.

All (intellectual) property rights to data within the Collaboration - including any copyright and database right - remain at all times vested in the rightful claimant or its respective licensor(s).

6 - Support and questions

In the event of problems with SRAM, Users can contact an admin of the SRAM Collaboration of which they are (in the process of becoming) a member.

7 - Miscellaneous

These terms and conditions are governed by Dutch law and the competent court is the District Court of Midden-Nederland, location Utrecht.

Insofar as the User has not already agreed to these terms and conditions at an earlier stage, by using SRAM the User agrees to the above terms and conditions.

Effective date

This policy is effective from 30 November 2020.

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