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Researchers (and others) often waste time and get frustrated, arranging access to resources they need to access when collaborating in research projects. As employers, institutions want to provide secure and convenient access, so their researchers can maximize their research output.

SRAM enables institutions to provide this fast and secure access. As soon as the institution connects their identity provider (a service that stores and manages digital identities) to SRAM, researchers can use their institutional account to sign in to research services connected to SRAM. Research collaborations and research services have more assurance about the identity of the researcher, and are better able to both allow and block access based on this information.

The institution will get information on the research collaborations their researchers are collaborating in, and what services they use to conduct their research, which is valuable in the context of information management, IPR, research support, GDPR etc. As soon as the institution blocks the account of the researcher, they will lose access to connected services.

Multiple ways to use SRAM

Institutions can use SRAM in three ways.

How to order SRAM & pricing info

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