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Within a collaboration, it is possible to send users an invitation to join your collaboration. These users can be invited to join as either a admin or a member of the collaboration. All users that joined the collaboration can then be assigned to groups.

Inviting members and admins is easy:

  1. First navigate to the "Members" or the "Admins"  tab. There you can see a list of members (if the collaboration already has some members) and invites, if any (invites that are still valid are shown in yellow, invites of which the valid date has passed are shown in red).
  2. To add a member, click on the "Add member(s)"/ "Add admin(s)" button on the right. A new window with a form will open. (see step 3)

  3. A form opens, asking you to fill out the following so we can send an invitation by email:
    1. Invitees: Enter the e-mail of a user you would like to invite
      1. It is also possible to enter multiple email addresses to invite more than one member. To do so, separate the email addresses with spaces, commas, semi-colons or by entering each address on a different line.
    2. Permissions: Select the role you would like to assign to the invited users
      1. This can either be Collaboration Admin or Regular User. Check the links for what each user can do.
    3. Groups: If you want users to become members of any groups as soon as they accept the invitation, here you can configure what groups that should be. You can leave this empty if you don't have any groups or want to assign users to group later.
    4. Message: Enter a clear message you want to be displayed in the email invitation sent to each of the invited users: the user receiving an email need to understand who this is coming from, who they can contact in case they have questions etc.
    5. Expiration date: You can set a data after which the invitation is no longer valid.

Click Invite to send the invite.

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