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The administrator of a collaboration can invite you to become a member, so you can use the services connected to that collaboration. If you're invited, the following happens (the exact flow depends on whether you have already used SRAM before etc):

  • You receive an invitation via email
  • Clicking the "Join" link brings you to this screen telling you what will happen next and informing you you will need to authenticate ('log in'):

  • Clicking the blue button in the former screen shows a screen where you select with what account you want to use to access SURF Research Access Management:
    • Do you have an institutional account? Start typing the name of your institution. If using your institution doesn't work, we encourage you to check within your institution and ask your research support or IT dept to connect the institution to SRAM, since you using your institutional account makes live easier for you, your institution, your collaboration admins and connected services (you can contact us to have us contact your institution as well).
    • You can also always search for and use a guest identity provider like eduID (NL); check out the eduID wiki on how to create and use an eduID account:
  • You could be shown a page informing you what information about you ('attributes') are going to be transferred so you can access the service, something like this:

  • Now it will be checked whether you have used SRAM before.
    • Users for which SRAM can not find an account will be shown the following:

    • Clicking the blue button will make SRAM check whether we can find possibly matching accounts (if we find one, you'll be shown so, but since most users will not encounter that situation, we continue this doc). Assuming no match, you will be shown the account creation screen:

    • Please check, and if necessary and possible correct, the information shown. Check out the SRAM Acceptable Use Policy by following the link, and click the check mark if you agree to those terms. Assuming you do so, click the green Submit-button.
    • Depending on the identity provider you used, whether we received an email address from your identity provider and whether you've changed the email address provided by your identity provider, we might want to verify your email address.
      • If so, you will see a message informing you you need to check your email and confirm you have control over that email address:

      • You should receive an email (if not, please check your spam folder). After clicking the link, you land on a confirmation screen. Click the button to proceed to SRAM .

    • Whether or not you needed to verify your email, you should now have confirmation everything is o.k. and see a green Continue button > click it!

  • When your identity is matched to an account in SRAM, you will be shown the next step, which, if available, includes a link to the AUP of the collaboration that invited you:

  • Either click decline or accept (we assume you want to proceed, so click accept). Which brings up a screen like the following (depending on the role you are invited for or have, the exact information will differ):

  • Clicking the blue button should land you in the collaboration you were invited for. Any services linked to the collaboration should be accessible for you. In case you have questions, please first contact an admin. If you can't get help, send an email to

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