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If you want to create research collaborations in SURF Research Access Management (SRAM), so you can connect services and invite other researchers to collaborate with, you need an institution that has signed up for SRAM. Institutions that have, can restrict who is allowed to create collaborations in SRAM. Need help identifying whether your institution has signed up for SRAM, who is the contact person etc? Send us a mail.

Every institution that is member of SURF has one or more people able to access the SURF dashboard ("instellingscontactpersoon"). Those people can order SRAM through that dashboard. Your IT department should be able to tell you who can order services in the SURF dashboard. Can't figure out who to contact? Send us a mail and we'll help.

For people with the ICP role for their institution:

  • Information about fees can be found on the SRAM page on
  • Sign in to the SURFdashboard and search for SRAM.
  • You're shown for what scenarios an institution can use SRAM:
  • If you want to use SRAM for research collaborations and have one or more people create research collaborations in SRAM, click 'Aanvragen' which brings you to this screen:
  • After filling out who SURF can contact as SRAM contact within your institution and clicking 'Controleren aanvraag' you can check for a last time.
  • Clicking 'Verzenden aanvraag' will send us your request. We'll contact you within one working day.
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