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As a researcher, you can use SRAM either by getting invited as a collaborator for a research group or project or by starting your own collaboration and use SRAM to manage access for your collaboration

SRAM as a collaborator

First login: SRAM profile creation and EULA

The steps of logging in with an invite are documented.

Subsequent logins

  • You need to choose an 'Identity Provider' to sign in with to SRAM. We recommend you try your institution. If that doesn't work, try one of the guest identity providers (like eduID NL).
  • On your first login, SRAM will create user accounts to any service the research collaboration(s) you are a member of give you access to.
  • Your research collaboration should provide you information on how to proceed.

SRAM as a CO creator

You might be interested in using SRAM to manage access for a research collaboration yourself. In this case, please read more about collaborations.

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