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How each role in SRAM can use SRAM:

  1. Organisation admin: if an institution orders SRAM, SURF create an organisation in SRAM, and assign who within the institution is the admin for that organisation. This person can sign into SRAM, and configure some settings on organisational level.
  2. Organisation manager: larger organisations might want to allow more people within the organisation, like people in the research support department, to create collaborations, without giving them full organisation admin options. This is what the 'organisation manager' role is for.
  3. Collaboration admin: an institution that has ordered SRAM can start creating collaborations in SRAM, and invite the administrator of that collaboration. That admin can connect services to the collaboration, invite members, create groups and assign members to groups and configure some settings on the collaboration level.
  4. Collaboration members: someone that accepts the invitation to become a member of a collaboration, needs to enroll in SRAM, after which they can use the services connected to the collaboration.
  5. Service admin: can view and, in the future, change to which organisations the service is available, which collaborations have connected to the service and, in the future, revoke permission from a collaboration in case permission is needed.

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