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This page contains information on the SURF Research Access Management (SRAM) service, but focused on people being assigned the 'admin' role for a CO in SRAM. Generic information about SRAM can be found at SRAM documentation .

Congratulations: you have become the administrator (admin) of a Collaborative Organization (CO) on SRAM! Let's see what you can and are advised to do.

What we assume

We assume you will have already done a lot of work, including deciding what services you need for your research, and taking care of any contracts, data processing agreements etc with the services. SRAM only provides a solution for managing access. SRAM is no replacement for contacts and contracts you might need with service providers and their platforms. If you are unsure, contact us.

Making sure there is more than one admin

You should start with assigning another person the admin role to your CO. Why? If one admin is either busy, sick, on leave or worse, having only one admin can seriously impact your research project. Members of your CO will contact SRAM support, who will now have the task to find out what the problem is, whether requests are valid, who to trust etc. The SRAM-team will take its task seriously, and finding out what to do, finding the right people etc can take a lot of time. Make sure at all times there is more than one person assigned the admin role for a CO in SRAM.

A few simple steps

As a CO-admin, you can:

That's all! Having problems, questions etc? Please send us an email!

Getting support

Couldn't find what you were looking for? Any questions? Shoot us an email at .

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