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This page contains information on the SURF Research Access Management (SRAM) service, but focused on researchers. Generic information about SRAM, it's advantages for all parties, an animation etc can be found at SURF Research Access Management - SRAM.


  • have any questions? Contact the SRAM-team: .
  • you can use SRAM either via getting invited (as collaborator) or by starting your own collaboration and use SRAM to manage access for your collaboration
  • you need to choose an 'Identity Provider' to sign in with to SRAM. We recommend you try your institution. If that doesn't work, try one of the guest identity providers (like eduID NL)
  • once logged into SRAM, SRAM will create user accounts to any service your research collaboration(s) want you to have access to
  • your research collaboration should provide you information on how to proceed

Collaborator or CO creator

As a researcher, SRAM offers you the following 'use cases':

  • you can get invited as member to collaborate on a research project by someone using SRAM to manage access for their research collaboration
  • you might be interested in using SRAM to manage access for a research collaboration yourself. In this case, please read more at SRAM for research collaborations .

In the first case: read on!

Getting invited

When someone invites you to SRAM as member, you will receive an email looking like:

You can click the link in the email which will bring you to the screen where you can select with what account you want to authenticate (login), see the next step below.

In case you have security concerns in regards to the email or clicking the link or don't know SRAM or SURF:

The login flow

As soon as you enter (either by clicking, or typing it over manually) the invite link, you will start the login flow. The steps of that flow are documented here.


Any questions? Contact the SRAM team at .

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