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TU Eindhoven

DeliverableConnected node


Currently, SURFnet has awarded the roll out of the SURFnet 8 Photonic Network Layer to ECI as of January 2017. The roll-out will start in 2017 and includes several notable upgrades to the network. TUE is obviously placed close to the nodes around PoP site Eindhoven1. Therefore, the high-level objective of this activity is to determine the resources required to setup a virtual node to be labelled Eindhoven 01C and interconnect via Eindhoven 01B to other nodes within the SURFnet Photonic Network.

SURFnet will be responsible for providing the software control and hardware as well as the measurement facility for adequately assessing that node Eindhoven 01C has been appropriately setup.

Expected results
An interconnected photonic layer node placed in Flux, and fiber connected via the Eindhoven 01B to other nodes in the SURFnet Photonic layer Network.