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You can view your SURFconext profile on This page contains an overview of your data (attributes) that your institution can potentially pass on to services via SURFconext. You can also see which services you have logged in to via SURFconext in the past, and which attributes were passed on to the service. Also, you can find information about the service, like contact details. (If available)

The first tab contains a brief overview of how SURFconext works.

The "Your personal" data tab

On this tab you can see an overview of all your personal data that your institution can pass on to several services through SURFconext. Within SURFconext, your personal data are called 'attributes'. An attribute can for instance be your name, your e-mail address or the name of your institution. For more technical information about these attributes, SURFconext provides the following extra information page: Attributes in SURFconextSURFconext employs a minimal disclosure principle, which means that only the absolute necessary (personal) attributes are transferred to a service. In other words, the service can not ask for more information than strictly necessary to run the service. For example: a certain service only needs your email address to operate, while another service only needs to know if your a student or an employee.

On the tab "My SURFconext" you can see which attributes and data is being stored by SURFconext itself.

The "What we store" tab

On this tab you can find more extensive information on which data is created, used and stored, and also why this is necessary. The used data is divided in account data, logging data and consent data. SURFconext stores certain data to allow you to log in easily and securely to various (cloud) services and to give you insight into which services you have logged in to through SURFconext. Your institution decides which services are accessible for you through SURFconext. Most services you use through SURFconext request a subset of this data. Some services require no personal data at all.

At the bottom of this page you can download an overview with all personal data stored by SURFconext in json format by pressing on Download Overview.

The "Services you accessed" tab

On this tab you can see all services you ever used through SURFconext and which attributes were passed on to each service. Also, you can find several extra links (if this information is known to SURFconext) to the Terms of Use and the EULA of each service, as well as the help pages and the support email address. Additionally, you can see whether you or your institutiton has agreed to sharing your attributes with the service.

The "My Connections" tab

On this tab, the (potential) external sources or accounts linked to your profile are listed. SURFconext can use this information to enrich the existing attributes of your institutional account with the values from this external account. Services connected to SURFconext can receive and use this information.

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