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On the WAYF-page you can choose which institution should be used to login to a service through SURFconext. The page contains a list with all available institutions. Please note that available means a connection between an institution and the service you are trying to access has been made. If your institution is not listed, your institution never gave permission to make this connection, e.g. because they are not in the possession a licence for the service.

Finding and selecting an institution

On the WAYF-page, a list with all institutions that have access to the service is shown, sorted alphabetically. You can use your mouse or keyboard (use the arrow keys) to browse through the list to find your institution.

After selecting an institution, your choice will be remembered such that the next time you encounter the WAYF-page, your previous choice appears on top, under 'Previously chosen'. This choice will be selected by default such that you can quickly continue to the login page of this institution, by only pressing 'Enter' on your keyboard.

By using the search field you can quickly look for your institution. If you fill in 'twente' for example, only the University of Twente and ROC Twente will appear in the list. Use the arrow keys to select the right one and press 'Enter' to continue logging in.

Using the WAYF-page on mobile devices

On a mobile device, the WAYF-page looks slightly different.

Image preview

Requesting access

For some services it is possible to request access to the service, if you institution does not have access to the service yet. Below the list of institutions with access, a list with institutions without access is then shown. After each institution, a button with 'Request access' has been added. By clicking that button, the user can fill out a form that will be sent to the SURFconext Team. They will make sure the information will be forwarded to the person within your institution who is authorised to enable or disable access to a service. Please note that this is no guarantee access to the service will actually be enabled. This is up to your institution.

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