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On this Wiki space you will find information about standards and  application profiles used in the SURFshare program.

You can refer to this  page as: http://purl.org/REP/standards/. You can use http://purl.org/REP/standards/* as a proxy.
Where * is a sub-page in this wiki.
ex. http://www.surffoundation.nl/wiki/display/standards/DAI/ can be written as http://purl.org/REP/standards/DAI/

Read more about this project on: SURFshare Standards Coordination
Within the SURFshare program there are many activities in which  existing standards are reused or new standards are developed. To prevent  standards from being overseen, resulting in reinventing the wheel in  developing an application profile, several activities will have to be  started from which all parties of the SURFshare program benefit. The  SURFshare standards are not limited to the repositories, but extend the  scope to the entire SURFshare program in which aspects of the Academic  Information Domain are addressed.
The SURFshare program consists of

  • Enhanced Publications
  • Collaboratories
  • Review and impact
  • Infrastructure
  • Permanent access
  • And HBO dissemination

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  1. Unknown User (maurice)

    De applicatieprofielen zouden in de werkafspraken versies moeten krijgen als: "testing", "experimental", "stable", en "obsolete".