The value proposition of INFO URIs is to facilitate Namespace Authorities in representing identifiers from their namespaces in URI form and so to make those identifiers available for public use in Web-based description technologies independently of any Web infrastructure considerations on behalf of the Namespace Authorities.
As such, INFO URIs are designed to be simple to deploy, both in terms of namespace registration and in the creation and general usage of these identifiers. These simplifications are fully in line with the INFO URI remit of providing a lightweight URI registration mechanism to facilitate the referencing of information assets under the URI allocation.

 The INFO URI scheme was developed from within the library and publishing communities to expedite the referencing by URIs of information assets that have identifiers in public namespaces but have no representation within the URI allocation.
For various reasons (both cultural and technical) the creation and registration of a new URI scheme or URN namespace to support a given public namespace under the URI allocation may not have been attempted by the authority for that namespace. It is precisely to facilitate the representation of these public namespaces within the URI allocation that the INFO URI scheme was developed.

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