To be able to see your service(s) in the SP Dashboard, you need to be a member of the team that is assigned to the service. This page will show you how to do that and how to add others to the team by yourself.

  • If you haven't read the SURFconext Teams documentation please do so first. This will help in understanding the part below.
  • We assume that you have an identity with an institution or eduID. If you haven't, please register an eduID first.

Become member

Invitation by mail

The SURFconext support team will create a team for your service and send an invite by mail to join this team. Being a member of this team will enable you to add and edit entities of the service connected to that team. You can request an invitation via

Login to SURFconext Teams

In order to join the team, press 'Login to accept this invitation' in the invitation mail. In the IdP-selection screen, you can start typing your IdP-name.

Select de eduID IdP if you're not member of one of the member institutions. Read the section 'preparation' on this page for more information SP Dashboard

Accept the invitation

When logged in, review the invite and accept the invitation by pressing 'Accept'.

Invite your colleagues

You can consider adding a colleague to the team and make them a manager. In that way, when you’re unable to take action or when you leave the company (for a holiday), your colleague can take over. Invite them via SURFconext Teams (managers only) and ask us to upgrade their rights from member to manager at If you are a 'member', as shown in the example above,  you cannot add others to the team. On request we can change your privileges from Member to Manager.

  1. Go to
  2. Login by choosing your Identity Provider
  3. Go to the team and press 'invite'.
  4. Fill in the required fields and press 'invite members'

Now that you are teamed up, learn how to use the Service Provider Dashboard.


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