One step at a time

This is the first step in our connection plan. Don't rush and jump to our step by step guide if you got lost!

So you want to connect? Give us some details about you and your service so we are prepared when we get in touch with you. If you service is intended to manage access to research resource, consider connecting to SURF Research Access Management (SRAM) in stead of SURFconext. If you plan to do that send a mail to

What is your name and who are you connecting for?

Give us some technical info so we have an idea what you are up to. Who are you connecting for? What technology are you familiar with? Give us some info so we can prepare as well.

Do you know which institutions you want to connect with?

Did you connect to SURFconext before?

Are you familiar with any of these technologies?

How can we get in touch with you?

Enter any comment or remarks here...

Optional: you can give a date and a time to get back to you. We are located in the Netherlands so keep the Central European Time (CET) in mind.


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