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SURFconext, provided by SURFnet, is a federated identity management service for secondary vocational-, higher education and research in the Netherlands. With SURFconext, users can authenticate at services using their institutional account.

Advantages of SURFconext for Service Providers:

  • Connecting once to the platform makes your service available to all connected institutions (connected IdP's).
  • Fast and easy access for more than 1 million users.
  • Certainty about identity of users.
  • Less user administration.
  • A single point of contact with one connection.
  • A long-time trusted partner of education and research institutions.
  • Double security through SURFsecureID.
  • A single link provides strong authentication for all institutions. As an extra advantage, authentication tools are issued by the institutions locally.

SURFconext also facilitates the exchange of group information. Pre-defined groups (e.g. student teams working on a specific course) or ad-hoc collaborations can be defined in SURFconext Teams, from which services can use them to facilitate collaboration for these groups.

Connecting to SURFconext is free of charge.

This manual is meant voor Service Providers and describes:

In the rest of this introduction you will find:

  • A schematic overview of the relation between Service Providers, Identity Providers and SURFconext.
  • An explanation in steps of the authentication flow.

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