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We have a test and production environment your service can connect with. You will start with defining your service in our Test environment, to verify it works as expected. This environment is standardized and in close alignment with the production environment. After you have requested to publish the service to production and if we confirm all requirements are met, such as the necessary contracts and TLS requirements, we will accept the service to be deployed to our Production environment making it available to all users of SURFconext. This page outlines the differences between these environments. 

SURFconext Ecosystem

SURFconext Test

SURFconext Production
Test modeProduction mode
  • Environment for testing purposes only
  • Test with test/diy ldP or institution's test ldP's
  • No contract necessary
  • New SP's can be configured via Selfservice SP Dashboard
  • Uses specific ldP metadata (see below)
  • Contract need to be in place
  • Production IdP’s available only
  • Uses specific IdP metadata (see below)
  • SSL Labs Rating B or Higher

IdP metadata:

IdP metadata:

Please note that SURFconext acts as an identity provider to services and is the only IdP a service connects to. That is why you use the IdP Metadata links as stated in the table above.

SURFconext Test environment

  • For testing purposes only.
  • Test with the SURFconext test IdP's or institutions test IdP's (if available) that have fictitious accounts.
  • No contract necessary.
  • New SP's can be configured via Selfservice SP-Dashboard.
  • SAML Specific IdP metadata needed that refers to and connects with the SURFconext test environment.
  • OpenID Connect: specific .well-known endpoint that refers to our test environment.

SURFconext Production environment

  • Contracts need to be in place
  • Production IdP's available only.
  • Meet the SSL/TLS Requirements as stated on this page for both SP's and IdP's. You will need an SSL Labs Rating B or Higher.
  • SAML Specific IdP metadata needed that refers to and connects with the SURFconext production environment.
  • OpenID Connect: specific .well-known endpoint that refers to our production environment.

Actions IdP's can take to test services

Some Institutions/IdP's want to test services before a service is connected in Production Mode, with identities the institution controls. Institutions that want to do so are recommended to configure a test IdP and request the SURFconext team to connect that test IdP to the SURFconext test environment.