Looking for end user documentation?

These pages are intended for IT-professionals who are interested in connecting to SURFconext.

If you are a student, a teacher or an end-user of any kind and you are looking for support on how to use SURFconext you can read our end-user documentation here.

This is the landing page of SURFconext. From here on you can navigate through our documentation and find out what SURFconext can do for you and how to get connected. Administrators and engineers from both Identity Providers (IdP's) as well as Service Providers (SP's), or Relying Parties (RP's) in OIDC terminology, can start here.

SURFconext offers 'Single Sign On'-access to a large and increasing number of online services. About 200 Dutch organizations in the area of secondary vocational-, higher education and research are using SURFconext for this. Together these organizations represent a group of about 1.5 million users who generate millions of logins per month. SURFconext allows users to have access to services offered by multiple Service Providers using only 1 account. Get to know SURFconext and its advantages here and watch a short introduction video.

Whether you find connecting to SURFconext easy or not, depends on your knowledge and background of our used protocols. Developers familiar with these are able to connect services within a days work. Take your time to get to know SAML or OpenID Connect. These are open standards and used in most countries and many sectors. So whenever and wherever you're offering your service, you can re-use this time and effort you've put into connecting to SURFconext.

Getting Started

Connect your service
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Contact us!

If you have any questions you can get in touch with us for answers to all of your questions about SURFconext. We prefer to be contacted by mail at support@surfconext.nl. Support by mail allows us to send and receive links, screenshots, metadata and lot's more, helping us to answer your questions more efficiently. If you think this doesn't work for you or you are having trouble formulating your question and prefer to talk to us directly, we will give you a call. Send us a mail with your contact information, including your phone number of course, and we will get back to you.

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