Handling attributes is the core of SURFconext. A good understanding of attributes is essential when you start working with SURFconext. The articles listed contain background information about attributes and how to use them with SURFconext and make them benefit your service. Done right, you will have a privacy aware solution that is durable and future proof.

SURFconext started of as a SAML based federation. Support for the OpenID Connect (OIDC) protocol has been added later. As SAML, OIDC makes use of attributes but in this realm they are conveniently named 'claims'. You can use them similar and are depicted here as well as the same information about users is handled through these so-called claims. The OIDC page has a table with a translation from SAML attributes to OIDC claims. When your application works with OIDC, start with the claims description and read our attribute pages to get to know more about the attributes.

Please note that the English versions of the pages are leading and best maintained.

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