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This page will show you how to login to the SP Dashboard and see the entities managed by the teams you are a member of.

The SP Dashboard is connected to SURFconext. In order to be able to sign in, you either need:

  • an account at an institution connected to SURFconext, or
  • an account at our eduID guest IdP . If you don't have one, click the link to create an account.

Let's login to the SP Dashboard so you can start configuring your entities on SURFconext.

Login to SP Dashboard

First off, let's navigate to

Select Identity Provider

You will see our WAYF. Select your the Identity Provider you have used to accept the team invitation that refers to the service you want to add or edit. Search for 'eduID' if you just registered one or the institute you have used for the team.

Fill out your credentials

If you have successfully logged with your eduID or Institutional account you will be redirected to the SP Dashboard.

Everything OK?

If this went well, you will be logged in into the SURFconext Service Provider Dashboard.

You will see an overview of the instances that are defined by members of that team. There can be multiple and you will also see the instances on production, if any are available.

Next, publish your first SAML or OIDC entity on the test environment of SURFconext

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