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Here you will find more information about managing your single-tenant services on the SURFconext platform. This is depicted in the IdP-section as well as the SP-section of our documentation because these services are often managed and configured by identity providers (institutions) and occasionally by service providers. Information on these underlying pages is used in the SURFconext Dashboard. This is work in progress.

These pages are in English to make them accessible to Service Providers.

What is a Single Tenant Service?

Single-tenancy SaaS architecture (confusingly also called multi-instance) is where a separate instance of a software application and supporting infrastructure is used by each customer, or tenant. Single-tenant architecture is mainly used by companies who need a customized approach, either because of their geography (or that of their client-base) or their need of a higher level of security. With single-tenant, each company has a distinct database and system that is either placed on an individual server or segregated using extensive security controls to create a virtual server network.

This could be either by using a separate subdomain per customer on the host of the service provider such as:

Or by hosting the service by the institution under the domain of the institution:

Instructions on creating an instance on SURFconext

SURFconext cannot verify the instructions below as we are not a customer of these service providers. We have collected the information from our connected instituions and used them to the best of our knowledge. If you have remarks or tips you want to share, please send them to

These pages describe single-tenant services and their configuration on SURFconext:

Other Single Tenants we have available but not with the documentation as listed above, are:

  • Brandspot (Formerly know as XL Doc) - Cordeo

  • Datanose
  • DMS online - Delcom International B.V.

  • Itslearning - Itslearning

  • Kaltura - Kaltura

  • Learningcentre - NHL

  • Hosted EZProxy - OCLC
  • Qualtrics Survey Software - Qualtrics

  • Simulise ofwel Simulise Learningcentre - CipeMotion


  • Webex - Cisco
  • Webportal printservices - RICOH

Let us know if you need to connect to any of those and we will help you get started.

Get started with your Single Tenant Service now!

If your service is not listed above, you can still get going. You can make use of our SP Dashboard and Test environment to enlist and test your service. Send us a mail at and we will help you get going. If you expect your service will be used by more institutions, give us feedback so we can add this to our documentation to help other institutions connect their instance with ease. You can leave the feedback at the aforementioned mail-address.

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