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This page will show you anything new to the SP Dashboard we feel is worth sharing and awesome. Check this page every now and again to get the most of SURFconext! The changelog can be found here.


Restrict access to your test entity by selecting the IdP(s) from the list

Connection progress made visual

Connecting a service to SURFconext consists of several steps. All steps are now made visual in the SP Dashboard. If the donut is green, an institution is able to connect to your service.

Add your OpenID Connect service via the SP Dashboard

Detailed entities overview

We have clarified the entities overview page, by making a clear distinction between test entities and production entities. In addition, the button for creating a new entity is more prominent.

View on entity

The only way to view the configuration of an entity was to edit the entity. We have added a view option. Various actions can also be taken from this screen.

Delete entity

In the previous version of the SP Dashboard it was not possible to delete an entity when published to the test environment. This has now been added. Deleting an entity is possible both from the detailed entity overview and the entity view page (see above).


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