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SURFconext cannot verify the configuration steps below as we are not a customer of this service provider. We have collected the information below from our connected instituions to the best of our knowledge. If you have remarks or tips you want to share, please send them to

This page will show you what steps to take to connect your Presentations 2Go instance to SURFconext.

Presentations 2Go is a complete and easy-to-use solutions for Lecture Capture, Event Webcasting and Enterprise Media Management. This suite of video capture software lets you make rich media content with ease by simultaneously capturing and broadcast live video, audio and any presentation source. Reliable, easy-to-use recording solutions: Powerfull solutions for rich media production and webcasting. Beautifully integrated hardware and software, at an affordable price.

Live and on-demand video platform: Customizable server software powering reliable rich media streaming of high-quality video and audio to any device, anywhere. Support for rich media recording, video uploads with transcoding. IEEE-LOM compatible media repository with enterprise integration. 


Blackboard can be obtained with a SURFmarket campus license. You will need an account for to view the SURFmarket information about this product.


See the SURFconext Dashboard for SAML attribute requirements or read our attributes page. Attributes needed in the IdP configuration and forwarded by SURFconext to Presentations 2GO are:

Single- or Multi-tenancy

Presentation2go is a single tenant service. The service can be installed on-premise and is also available as a cloud service. For cloud services the url will be: * But you can create your own HOST.DOMAIN.EDU and have your DNS pointed to the cloudservice. You have to provide your own certificate in this case.


To make a connection with SURFconext for Single Sign-On purposes you will need to provide SURFconext with the appropriate metadata. The link to the metadata of your presentation2go instance is: https://HOST.DOMAIN.EDU/p2g/metadata.ashx

The vendor assists with:

  • installation on-premise
  • The SURFconext connection process. This concerns attributes, metadata and contact with


Pprovisioning should be done in the application with the administrator interface. It is also possible to automate the provisioning through .csv import or a SOAP-interface.



The service will be installed on Windows 2008 R2 with a local or remote MS-SQL database. The service can run on virtual machines with at least 2CPU's, 4GB RAM and sufficient storage.

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