You can use the SP Dashboard to register redirect URIs. There are some restrictions regarding redirect URIs.

Supported schemes

We currently support the https:// scheme, and a custom redirect URI scheme. The custom URL scheme is always a reverse of your clientID.

Suppose your clientID is, the custom URL scheme would be:

Although we support the custom redirect URL scheme, we strongly advice is to register an application specific URL. Please refer to "Native apps" section below on how to do that.

Ip addresses cannot be used in redirect URLs, unless it's or [::1]


We discourage the use of localhost redirect URLs. Only in cases when you are developing, or when you use a desktop app, we support localhost redirect URLs. Since this traffic never leaves the host machine, the http:// scheme is allowed here.
You may use or the ipv6 equivalent, http://[::1]. Port numbers are allowed too. On production, you should only use this for desktop apps.

Native apps

On mobile apps, we advise you to register application specific URLs for your redirect URL (in stead of using localhost, or a custom scheme). For Android, you can check For Apple, check their documentation on

For more information on the current best practices on native apps, please refer to rfc8252

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