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This is part of the second step in our connection plan. Don't rush and jump to our step by step guide if you got lost!

The SURFconext Service Provider Dashboard ( enables you to manage your service(s) on the SURFconext platform. It allows you to create, test and edit entities before promoting them to production. This page will show you how to get started with the Service Provider Dashboard, commonly known as the SP Dashboard. If you are new to SURFconext, get yourself acquainted with SURFconext by reading this page. After reading this section of our documentation you should be able to use the tools we have available to manage your instances on SURFconext.


Before you start, you have to make sure you have an account with an Identity Provider that has access to SURFconext. You cannot continue if you do not have this, so make sure you have an identity on one of the following types of identity providers:

  • If you have a user account at a Dutch education or research institution , you can use the identity of this institution to work with the dashboard. You can proceed below the warning-box (smile).

  • If the above is not the case, you can use our guest identity provider eduID to gain access to the Service Provider Dashboard via a team membership, see below. If you don't have an eduID, you can create one (for free).

Points of attention when using eduID or your Institutional Account

  • eduID:
    • Read here how to create an eduID guest account.
  • Use your eduID- or institution-account to confirm the team invitation you have received from SURF. If you have multiple accounts, make sure to use the same account for processing the invitation as well as login' on to the SP Dashboard.

Getting Started

If you haven't done so already, or in case of questions: get in touch with the SURFconext team to get access to the SP Dashboard via

Becoming Team Manager

Your instance in our SP Dashboard is linked to a team. We will create a team in SURFconext teams, and invite you to become a member of that team so you will have access to the corresponding instance in our dashboard. You will either be a Manager or a Member of that team. The Manager is able to invite other people (e.g. your colleagues) to join the team, a Member cannot manage the team itself. Managers and Members of the team are able to sign in to the SP dashboard and manage a specific service. If you are a Manager or Member of multiple teams, you will be able to switch between services in the SP dashboard. Read our teams page to get to know more about teams.

Publish your service on SURFconext

When you promote your entity to production we will run through some technical checks together and see if the contracts are in place. Besides this we need you to provide us with the institution(s) you want to connect with as well as a contact at the institution. The latter is important because institutions don't simply connect to a service not knowing who initiated it

IP Addresses SP Dashboard (

IPv4: (16)

IPv6: 2001:610:188:448::/64

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