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2. The user must refrain from any unauthorised use. This includes the following:

  • Any actions that are contrary to the law, public morals, public order, or the rules that apply to responsible online communication;
  • Any actions that are unlawful towards third parties or that result in damage to third parties;
  • Any actions that infringe on the rights of third parties, including intellectual property rights and/or obligations of confidentiality.

3. If SURFnet has good reason to believe, as a result of specific information or communications, that the user is in breach of or is likely to be in breach of regulations or obligations as described above, the user must, in consultation with SURFnet and the institution concerned, put an end to said breach as quickly as possible and/or prevent a recurrence of it in the future.

4. SURFnet is entitled, after consulting with the institution concerned, to terminate or suspend all or part of the access to SURFconext or to impose additional conditions for its continued use, if:

  • The user, in SURFnet's opinion, is using or is likely to use SURFconext in a manner which is or could be contrary to the rules described here and, after being informed accordingly, the user has not taken any appropriate measures to block or prevent said use.
  • It is necessary to do so in order to enable SURFnet to comply with a statutory obligation or a judicial decision, at the discretion of SURFnet;
  • The availability of SURFconext to other users could be prevented or restricted by the way in which the user is making use of SURFconext.

SURFnet cannot accept liability for any damage suffered by the user or a third party as the result of SURFconext being disconnected due to the application of the above rules.