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Table of Contents

How to make a Onegini account

If your institution is not conected with SURFconext, you can use a Onegini account to log on to multiple services of SURFconext as a guest.


  1. Register an account with an existing social account (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Microsoft, Google). No extra username and password has to be remebered.
  2. Register a Onegini account with a new username and password.

Register a Onegini-account with a social account

1. Go to


Next time you visit a service of SURFconext as a guest you can use your social account to log in.

Register a Onegini-account without social account

1. Go to


A social account can always be added by selecting the '+' at the top-right of your dashboard panel.

Log in at a service of SURFconext with your Onegini-account

7. When you want to log in to a SURFconext website like choose Onegini for institution (type 'onegini in the search bar). Next you log in with your social acount or Onegini username and password.