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Research is more and more about collaboration, also confirmed in the Dutch NWO 2019-2022-strategy. Researchers that want to collaborate (internationally) and providers of resources who want to offer research facilities to collaborative organisations often face questions related to providing access to resources. The SCZ project (SCZ, FIAM for collaborating researchers) tries to solve a number of issues in the field of authentication, authorization and policies.  

This page is for people who want to know more about the infrastructure the SCZ-project is building & piloting. The project also examines whether and, if so, how the SCZ can be offered by SURF as a service.

SURF is collaborating in this project with Dutch institutions, but the general solution is usable in any country. 

On these pages we describe what the SCZ project is about. 

Table of Contents

Why the SCZ project?


Currently, for every new research the wheel is reinvented to arrange for the things mentioned. Collaborations and research are delayed in the start-up phase because providing access takes time. What if there was a plug and play service?

How does SCZ provide a solution?