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Op deze pagina vindt u een eerste inventarisatie van data opslag diensten en data beheer diensten.



TitleInstitutionURLShort - middle of long archiving  (weergeven als S-M-L)Usability (formats)DiscoverabilityAccessibility (open-restricted for some data sets-full restriction)Special procedures for data with disclosure risk available (Yes or No)Metadata formatsTerms of condition for researchersBack-up  (Yes or No)CostsSupport availableDiscipline (name or general)Other
EASYDANS to PDFDans Data PortalRegistration reguired ; Open access (for every registered user) ; Restricted access (on request) ; Embargo (2 years maximum)YesDublin CoreYesYesFreeYesArcheology ; History ; Life sciences ; Social sciences ; LinguisticsData Seal of Approval ; persistent identifiers
3TU Datacentrum Repository3TU.Datacentrum kind of formats CoreYes ("conditions of use")YesFreeYesTechniek en Constructie; Technische Natuurwetenschappen; Aardwetenschappen; Ontwerpen/Architectuur, Productontwikkeling; Biomedische TechnologieData Seal of Approval ; persistent identifiers
 SurfSara the HPC Central Data Archive from all SURFsara managed HPC systems (e.g. Cartesius and Lisa) and from our visualization clusterAccess to the central archiving facility is granted to users having access to one of our HPC computing facilitiesAccess to this facility is enabled via different access protocols. You can access the archive file system from the HPC systems (Cartesius and Lisa) via NFS, ssh/scp, GridFTP protocols. WAN access is on request enabled via GridFTP.Yes?YesYesYesYesdata sets of a wide range of scientific areas, related to the Dutch High Performance Supercomputing communitymass storage facility in which users of computing facilities can archive data 
 Vancis LAll kind of formatsAccess only for those who are authorizedCloud services with dedicated accessibility possibilitiesYes?Yes (clear intake forms)YesYesYesGeneralISO 27001-gecertificeerd
The Language Archive (TLA)Max Plack Instituut; XML; HTM: EAF; LMF; PCM;  JPEG; PNG; TIFF; RAW/TIFF; MPEG2; MPEG1Available4 levels of access:, for registers, request open and 4.closed resourcesYesIMDI standard, moving to CMDIYesYes (6X)FreeYesPsycholinguisticsUses Géant Data Protection Code of Conduct 
B2ShareEUDAT accessNoThrough EUDAT Metadata ServicesYesYes  Free (for now)YesGeneralOnly for small data
Dutch Dataverse Network (DDN)UU Dataverse network of stored data will be guaranteed to a minimum of 10 yearsAllThere are services available for harvesting and linking studies and (meta)data by search engines and / or service providers. The owner of the data decides which persons or groups get access to the individual data files. No. storing privacy-sensitive data is not allowedNo.YesYesVirtual server hosting Vancis YesGeneralSLA and Terms of use in development
Netherlands eScience Center (NLeSC)eScience Center           Services still in development.
Data StagingEUDAT availableRestricted accessNoNoYesYesFree (for now)YesGeneralFor big data that requires HPC only 
IQSS Dataverse networkHarvard university or restrictedNoSimpleYesYesFreeYesMainly social sciencesDoesn't work for uploading big data
PangaeaPangaea  NoYes, see wikiNo FreeYesEarth & Environmental Sciences 
FigshareFigshare or restrictedNo YesYesFree - 1GB privateweb onlyAllAPI; collaborative spaces