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The SCZ is great, but not the best solution for every situation. Some basic questions first (you can still contact us when you don't know all answers: you might want to think about before contacting us (please do contact us, we will help (wink)):

  • If the service you want connected is 

    • web/browser based, does it already have support for federated authentication protocols such as SAML or OIDC? If not: is there anybody willing and able to change (and maintain) the application/service so it is able to handle a SAML or OIDC connection? 

    • a non-web service, SCZ will provision an LDAP under your control. Does your application already use an LDAP?

  • What users need to access the service?
    • Only people from the Netherlands? Or also from other parts of the world?
    • Only people with an educational account, or also people without such an account?
    • Will the home organisation of the potential users connect their IdP to the SCZ?
  • Do you actually need the SCZ, or does SURFconext also supply what you want? SURFconext offers federated authentication for browser based services, teams, authorisation rules, SURFsecureID (step up/strong authentication), guest users etc.