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The goal of Entity Categories is to allow Identity Providers to release their attributes more easily to a group of Service Providers, instead of each individual Service Provider. In the latter case, the Identity Provider has to review each Service Provider separately, which costs a lot of time. With Entity Categories, the Identity Provider automatically releases attributes to the entire group at once.

Currently, these are the following most popular Entity Categories are used within eduGAIN:

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Within SURFconext, test entities are part of another (test) federation. SURFconext doesn't publish any test entities into eduGAIN, so it is very unlikely an Identity Provider in SURFconext should become part of this entity category. If for whatever reason you would like to become part of this entity category, please look at the URL above to see what changes you must make to your metadata.



Official URL:

Entity is compliant with the Security Incident Response Trust Framework for Federated Identity. See Sirtfi and SURFconext